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Weekly News Roundup: March 24

In this weeks roundup we have updates from catastrophe losses to new digital applications. Read more here...


Weekly News Roundup: March 17

In this weeks roundup we have from the SVB crisis to the Top Specialist Wholesale Brokers of 2023. So let's get started...


5 Tips to Uplift Your Insurance Agency Agents

As the owner of an insurance agency, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your team is in the best position they can be, both in terms of their...


Weekly News Roundup: March 10

In this weeks roundup we have news from personal data exposed to innovations in the insurance industry! Read below...


Weekly News Roundup: March 3

In this week's news we have updates from strategy plans for 2023 to steps towards a sustainable transition across the insurance industry, and much...


The Future of Insurance Models

The future of the insurance industry is looking brighter than ever thanks to innovative new models that are revolutionizing the way insurers do...


Improving Insurance Back Office Efficiency

Back office operations are essential for any insurance company looking to stay ahead of the competition but they don't have to be a drag on resources...


Building Trust with Insurance Clients

Insurance agencies need to build trust with their customers if they want to remain competitive in the industry. Building trust can be a difficult...


Weekly News Roundup: February 24

In this week's news we have updates from America's best employers to insurance company agents count dropping, and much more...


How to  Empower Your Agents

Empowering your employees means enabling them with the skills, confidence, resources, autonomy, motivation, recognition and support necessary for...


Weekly News Roundup: February 17

In this week's news... We have from travel insurance, greenhouse gas, wildfire insurance and more!

Agency Tips

Weekly News Roundup: January 27th

From laid off tech workers to global insurance losses, here are the top insurance stories of the last week!

Agency Tips

Weekly News Roundup: January 6th

From Canadian Storm Damage to Firearm Insurance, here are the top insurance stories of the last week!


Insurance Industry Trends in 2023

The insurance industry is on the move! Check out our top predictions for what trends will dominate in 2023.

Agency Tips

Weekly News Roundup: December 23rd

From expanding markets to coping with climate change, here are the top insurance stories of the last week!


How to Remember Names like a Pro

Remembering names is as crucial for insurance agents as it is hard. With that in mind, here are five tips for remembering names like a boss!


Insurance Agency Goals For 2023

The new year isn't just for personal resolutions, it can also be a time to set goals for your insurance agency. Here are some of the best ways to go...


5 Tips For Better Networking Communication

Networking is key to success in any industry, and insurance agents are no exception. Here are five conversation tips to help make the most of your...

Agency Tips

Weekly News Roundup: December 9th

From Hawaiian work strikes, to increasing car insurance rates, here's what you need to know about insurance news from last week!

Agency Tips

Weekly News Roundup: December 2nd

From the waters of Norway, to an Australian insurance buyout, here's what you need to know about insurance news from last week!


Agency Marketing Myths

Your agency needs marketing to reach new customers. But there are lots of bad ways to implement it. Here are some of the most common marketing myths...

Agency Tips

Payroll Tips for your agency

Paying your employees isn't just a hassle, if done wrong it can ruin your business. Here are some ideas to make sure you stay on top of your payroll.

Agency Tips

5 New Insurance Technology Advancements

As technology changes agencies must change as well. Here are some of the best new technological advancements your agency should watch for.


Cross-Selling Tips For Agencies

Cross-Selling is the best ways to provide more value to existing customers. Here are some of the best tips to make that happen.

Agency Tips

What CRMS Can Do For Your Agency

There are many Customer Relationship Managers out there. Here are some of the many options for your growing agency.

Agency Tips

5 tips to attract and earn more clients

We all know that clients are an essential part of your business. So to attract new leads for your insurance agencies with the following tips.

Agency Tips

Manage your clients to perfection

Managing your clients to perfection will give your agency the most valuable part of a business. It is as important as its products or services

Agency Tips

5 Insurance agency growth strategies

Building an insurance agency can seem easy, however, it’s the growth and maintenance of the agency that will make it successful. 


Insurance 2.0: Elements for the future

Discover why the future of insurance needs to be in alignment with a 4 step risk management strategy, have a holistic approach and be more...

Health Insurance

Health insurance policy defined

Health insurance protects you from financial risks associated with illness and disability by reducing medical costs to more reasonable amounts. 


Life insurance policy explained

Life is full of risks and life insurance offers financial protection for surviving dependents after the death of an insured person.


Medical claims and next steps

Dealing with a medical situation and filing claims are stressful. Discover our guide to navigate the health insurance claim process.


What is a Deductible?

Learn how the deductible is an amount you need to pay before your insurance company starts paying.


Insurance Policy 101

Understanding the details of an insurance policy ensures your coverage best fits your needs.


Umbrella insurance: Protecting your worth

Umbrella insurance protects worth and assets, such as property, investments, savings) or the potential for high future income from potential lawsuits.

Home insurance

Flooding: Is your home protected?

Homeowners insurance does not cover damage to your home from a flood and you will need a separate flood insurance policy.

Auto insurance

Rental scooters and your responsibility

If you are involved in an accident while driving a rental scooter, your personal car insurance policy will not extend coverage for injuries or damage.

Home insurance

Hurricanes: Minimize risk and damage

Minimize risk from hurricane damage and storm factors such as flooding and wind the right combination of insurances and policies.

Auto insurance

Auto Insurance Policy: What is OEM Coverage?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) coverage is an optional auto insurance endorsement providing original manufacturer parts to be used in any...


The Impact of Filing Claims

Understanding the impact of filing claims, increased premiums and how to avoid them will help you better protect your insurance rate.


Home Insurance: Earthquake Restoration

COVU can assess the suffering and damage from an earthquake and find ways to improve your insurance protection and home restoration.


Health insurance and COVID-19

With the impact of COVID-19, COVU has complied many timely questions in regards to people's healthcare and health insurance.


What is COVU

Discover how our new approach to personalized risk management is going to completely change how you think about insurance.

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