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Health Insurance

Health insurance policy defined

Health insurance protects you from financial risks associated with illness and disability by reducing medical costs to more reasonable amounts. 


Life insurance policy explained

Life is full of risks and life insurance offers financial protection for surviving dependents after the death of an insured person.


Medical claims and next steps

Dealing with a medical situation and filing claims are stressful. Discover our guide to navigate the health insurance claim process.


What is a Deductible?

Learn how the deductible is an amount you need to pay before your insurance company starts paying.


Insurance Policy 101

Understanding the details of an insurance policy ensures your coverage best fits your needs.


Umbrella insurance: Protecting your worth

Umbrella insurance protects worth and assets, such as property, investments, savings) or the potential for high future income from potential lawsuits.

Home insurance

Flooding: Is your home protected?

Homeowners insurance does not cover damage to your home from a flood and you will need a separate flood insurance policy.

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