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Best blog ideas for agencies to attract customers

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As most agencies are undoubtedly aware, consistent outreach is paramount to keeping and maintaining customer relationships. Keeping your policyholders engaged means your agency is top of mind whenever anything happens. There are many ways to perform outreach, but the best and cheapest way is by writing relevant blog posts for your clients.
With that in mind, here are 5 of the best blog ideas to attract and maintain customers, as well as some helpful tips

  1. Explanation of your agency and policies

Before you can sign on new customers, you need to be able to explain who you are and what policies you provide. Most people are laymen when it comes to insurance policies. So keep things simple at the beginning, such as what types of insurance you provide. Then, you can go more in-depth in other articles.

These types of blogs are a great way to introduce your team and your agency as well. More than just what your company provides, general articles like these are great ways to show the individual personality of your agency, its mission statement, and what insurance means to you. Well-done explanations will make you more approachable to your clients and make them feel more comfortable with you and like you are a friend.

2. Answers to insurance questions

It's no secret insurance is complicated. And looking for answers can often mean customers must spend hours trawling through densely worded manuals and still sometimes come up empty. Even if they find what they are looking for, your policyholders may not clearly understand how the answer would affect them.

This is where you come in. By working with your agents to identify the most asked questions they get, and creating clear and precise answers, you will become a go-to source for any questions customers may have. Of course, some answers require a more detailed answer. For that, you can also add contact information at the bottom of your pieces and encourage new and existing clients to get in touch if they would like to know more.

In addition to your policyholders, your Q&A pieces could become valuable resources for others. Opening the door to them becoming potential clients

3. Insurance rep interviews

In a previous blog, we mentioned highlighting your team during the holiday season as being a great way to connect with policyholders. The great part about this idea is that highlighting your agents is something that remains relevant all year round. These highlights can take the form of personal profiles, interviews about the job, or even a conversation on the nature of the universe. Whatever you choose, you can bring agents into the spotlight to show you're not just another faceless agency.

Making you more approachable and easier to get in touch with for new and old clients alike. Updating interviews and profiles is another great way to keep your customers informed of personal milestones your agents reach and will give you more content as time goes on.

4. Seasonal blog posts

We have discussed previously the many ways you can keep in touch with clients over the holidays. And the ideas presented there work just as well for any holidays and events. If you can find a way to tie your blog to a local event or create new ideas for different holidays you not only have blog posts all year round, but you also now have a way of continuing to be relevant to your local community. Does your area have an annual butter fair? Do you want to explain the dangers of easter egg hunts? Now you can show off both!

5. Humorous blog posts

Just because Insurance deals with heavy topics doesn't mean there can't be humor as well. Writing blogs like the weirdest types of insurance or best jokes about insurance can be fun ways to connect with audiences.
Keep in mind this is the riskiest type of content for your agency to produce and should be sprinkled in with other, more official content like the pieces above. But when done well, relevant, humorous posts can be a fantastic way to bring new customers to your agency.
At COVU, we use our blogs as opportunities to tie back to our core message of helping people. You can do the same, using the opportunity to connect with customers, increase your brand awareness, and for your agency to give something back to the community you serve whether that's a detailed breakdown of the services you provide or an article about alien insurance.