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5 tips to attract and earn more clients

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We all know that clients are an essential part of your business. Even for an established Insurance agency, getting leads is a hard job. The sales agents mostly do this, but like all things, you need a team to make it, grow, and embark on a successful journey.
So to attract new leads for your insurance agencies can be challenging. All these ups and downs change regularly, marketing tactics have changed, and consumer demands are increasingly digital.
Your future customers rely more on online reviews and intelligent recommendations based on browser history to make purchasing decisions than ever before.
Many potential customers aren't looking for insurance products. They may not know they need insurance or think it's necessary. They may not know they need insurance or think it's required. They avoid and prolong the wait for purchasing. How can I grow my client base?
Here are five tips to help you get started on that:

  1. Digital marketing strategy

Mr. Google is your guy to go to. You must rank well in local search results, and you need to provide as much relevant information on your Google listing as possible. The more information you can provide for your profile, the easier it is for leads to consider you an option in their search for an insurance agent/agency. As a small agency, you will have to deal with big brands that have saturated the insurance industry, making it difficult for local insurance agencies and independent agents to get noticed. How are shoppers supposed to find you when big-name businesses are everywhere? While traditional marketing and word-of-mouth advertising methods have their place, you have to think beyond those channels. When people need anything these days, their first instinct is to turn to Mr. Google.

2. Optimize your website

Once you have a prospective customer's attention and they have chosen to click on the link for your landing page, you have them in your court. You need to keep them there, and this is something that COVU will help you with. Although chatbots cannot replace every interaction, they may be more influential, personal, and helpful than you think; chatbots can act as personal agents, answering questions and providing relevant information 24/7 not just when insurance agents are available during business hours. This literally will save you so much time that when you contact the client, you will have all the information already, and you can focus on only closing the deal. ‍

3. Know ALL your products

When you specialize in one area, it allows you to dig deeper. The more you know, the better, and this is true, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to selling only those things within your area of expertise. Expand your offerings and consider selling personal, business, and life insurance products. Doing so will help you attract more leads and allow for cross-selling opportunities.

Believe me when I say that offering multiple product options benefits your business and potential clients. There's a good chance they need more than one type of insurance. If you have other items they need, they'll probably be more interested when you reach out and stick with you once they commit.

4. Get Reviews

The best way to generate more reviews is to ask your clients after every transaction. You can give a link directly to guide them to a landing page. This is one of the multiple options that we offer our clients—making it easy and beneficial for you.

While a client is with you on-site or on a phone call, you can inform them how reviews help you.

Remember that all your reviews will also stay online, so if people search, they will find positive reviews that will make them go forward with their decision to choose you.

5. Join your community

Go on and socialize. Getting out in the community and collaborating with local businesses can raise brand awareness and generate more leads for your insurance agency. Visit some local meetup groups that interest you personally. Attend fairs, fundraisers, sports events, board meetings, chamber of commerce, and charity events.

Volunteering with a local nonprofit organization is another great way to make connections.

Along with volunteering for a nonprofit, take part in local events. You can also put a stand to sponsor an event. The more active you are, the more your name gets in front of the people who live in your community. When they need what you have to offer, your name will likely be one of the first that comes to mind.